• 100% Kona Estate Green Beans


    100% Kona Typica Grower offering a couple hundred Estate green beans for sale at $23.00/lb or for can roast to your liking any quantity until they are gone!

  • Wood Valley Coffee Farm, Ka'u - Estate Grade


    Wood Valley Coffee Farm is located in the remote and peaceful valley that lies on the eastern slopes of Mauna Loa, one of the largest active volcanoes on earth. It is part of the Ka'u region of Big Island. Due to the unique location of the valley and the…

  • Ka'u Fancy


    High quality optical sorted green bean, washed process.  Ka'u Coffee grows in deep nutrient rich volcanic soil on the gentle slops of Maunaloa the worlds largest active volcano located on the Big island of Hawaii. Since 2007 this aromatic coffee has…

  • Green beans


    I have 94 lbs of mixed green beans, Red Bourbon, and SL34 from our last harvest. 

  • Hawaiian #3 Grade


    Looking for price offers to buy our #3 green Hawaiian bean coffee. We sort this out of our Estate grade, but don’t have market for it right now.  We have 180 lbs of #3 currently available. I also have about 100 lbs of off grade if someone has a market for…