IR Touch Screen price 86 inch smart cloud blackboard = overall full frame touch screen + 4K HD display + high fidelity speaker + high-tech black crystal panel + blackboard writing, voice, video and other synchronous recording cloud storage. 1. Internal signal interface: internal signal interface: HDMI * 3, DP * 1; VGA*1锛孻PBPR*2锛宭inein*1锛?Built in audio speaker: 2 * 15W, control interface: USB * 8, RS232 * 1, etc;
2. External interface: HDMI * 2 (when the external HDMI interface has a signal source input, the signal is forcibly displayed with priority, and the signal interface has anti-static interference function.) The product signal interface must have automatic control and anti distortion function, multi-channel image synchronous display function, remote transmission and anti-static function, and intelligent automatic signal tracking system.
3. Speaker suspension design structure, output power: 15W x 2.
4. The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy, with seamless design structure, no acute angle design, safe and reliable.
5. The appearance adopts 35 year anti-oxidation light aluminum design, and the unique fan free air duct design has better heat dissipation.
6. The surface of the equipment has full waterproof function and anti strong light and anti-interference function.
The 86 inch intelligent teaching touch interactive blackboard can switch from the blackboard writing mode to the LCD touch screen mode with one key, and automatically run to the interactive teaching software platform mode. The software platform can present teaching contents in an interactive manner (such as word, EXECL, PPT, video, pictures, animation, etc.), and can provide rich interactive templates to turn boring teaching materials into interactive teaching courses with good interactivity and good visual impact. It can interact through touching the surface of the blackboard, which is simple and humanized.IR Touch Screen price

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