Sanitary Napkin manufacturers
Romaity Double Absorbent Comfort Pads
Women鈥檚 menstrual hygiene is a necessity; without it, your child could be exposed to harmful bacteria and unsafe conditions, such as toxic shock syndrome (TSS), osteoporosis and incontinence. Our range of eco-friendly, high-quality products are designed for everyday use and made from 100% certified organic cotton that meet U.S. environmental regulations.
Our sanitary pads are made with organic cotton and are breathable, comfortable, and ultra thin. They absorb liquid quickly and they provide full protection against odor. Our philosophy is that you should feel good during your period in whatever way you choose.
Our pads are breathable and comfortable, ensuring you have a good night's sleep. Our organic cotton is ultra thin to keep your pad dry and cooler than other pads. They have an overnight absorption to help keep you dry through your cycle.Sanitary Napkin manufacturers

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