ChinaADIAnalogComparator Company Profile
Shenzhen Hongchip Micro Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2018, is honest and advance bravely, struggle hard amid difficulties, and integrates many global resource channels.
Our company focuses on connecting military research institutes and industrial customers such as communication, industrial control, petroleum, medical treatment, etc., and constantly develops a vast consumer market.
Based on the brand-new original genuine products and relying on the advantageous price.
Main business: advantageous brands include TI, ADI, XILINX, ALTERA(INTEL), ON, NXP, Nexperia, DIODES, INFINEON and other international first-line brands, especially with TI and ADI as the main brands to build a good market reputation.
CEO's Message
We actively undertake corporate social responsibility, strive to achieve corporate profits, improve the lives of employees, and promote social prosperity. Strictly abide by RoHS and protect the environment. Establish a group of teams with common action values and become an influential professional distributor. Taking customers as the center and taking immediate action is our creed. Serve customers and achieve yourself!
Team Introduced
Our supply chain solutions provide you with an integrated full-service global team composed of highly professional management team, customer managers, product line managers, market information analysts, logistics and execution experts. They are the top professionals in the industry, who can provide expert support and specialized customer service solutions to solve your most severe procurement and supply chain challenges.
Account Manager
Our account managers have a wealth of expertise and are skilled in various tools to provide data-driven solutions to meet the most demanding supply chain procurement needs. They are the most experienced people in the industry, can control the complex distribution channels of electronic components, and have the attention and expertise required to complete the work.
Product Line Manager
Our product line managers have an average of 8 years of supply chain management experience, have keen market insight, can identify and analyze global and regional supply trends, layout specific product lines in advance, and help customers predict market trends that may affect their overall business and make plans.
Market Information Analyst
Our analysts focus on using huge databases and proprietary information analysis models to collect and analyze market information, and provide accurate data support for customers' overall supply chain solutions in combination with customers' industry characteristics, development goals and material information.
Management Team
We uphold the firm commitment to provide customers with the highest level of service. Our management team is dedicated behind the scenes to provide seamless project management, integration and consistent service delivery for your company and institution, creating added value for your project and business cooperation with us.
Logistics and Execution
Our logistics and execution team actively cooperates with our customer team to coordinate domestic and international transportation in a timely manner, and ensure product quality through our quality management system. We will review the shipping route and customs requirements of each order to maximize value and realize fast door-to-door delivery.
Development History
Since the founding of our company, we have signed an agency with well-known enterprises and merchants at home and abroad, fully authorizing our one-stop sales.
Competitive Advantage
1. Rich market experience and good industry reputation;
2. Improve the distribution network and strong support from a large number of suppliers;
3. Professional and passionate service team;
4. Powerful database and market information provide accurate data basis for customers to optimize bill of materials;
5. Professional system management tools and analysis tools provide a diagnostic method system for customers to optimize the supply chain;
6. Fast, safe and diverse logistics system can meet the differentiated needs of customers;
7. Steady and abundant cash flow provides more financial support for customers;
8. Flexible and diverse business models can provide customers with more personalized services.
R&D Capability
Self built FAE team can help solve customers' problems from model selection and design to after-sales technology;
Provide BOM scheme substitution service to optimize the cost scheme for you;
The supplier has a strict audit system to ensure the traceability of products;
Self built modern QC laboratory + industry's top testing laboratory, with multiple guarantees, to ensure that the products given to customers are original and authentic;
Our company provides flexible accounting services, orders and consignments for customers, and provides safety plans and flexible adjustments for customers' production.
Adhering to the concept of honest management and efficient service, our company provides you with the most guaranteed products and professional services. And improve more services for customers, 1 rewinding, 2 baking service, 3 function test, 4 replacement rate recommendation, 5 sample provision, one-stop electronic components supporting services, to meet all customer needs as far as possible.
Industry Status
Since its establishment, our company has made a fixed basic foundation in the market and built a certain reputation. Our company ranks high in the comprehensive ranking of the industry, with a market product share of up to 30%, and has its own inventory system. The supply of goods is stable. Due to the particularity of electronic components, components change greatly, and we adhere to the principle of benefiting customers. Let customers benefit more than business.
Corporate Strategy
As always, our company adheres to the policy of reputation first and customer first, and is committed to becoming a professional one-stop comprehensive service provider of electronic components to provide customers with a more simple and convenient purchasing experience.
Company Mission
Our company only obedience to do 100% genuine and certified products.
Corporate Vision
Create a new pattern of integration of online and offline marketing services, examine the current situation of the industry from the best perspective, find and cultivate outstanding sales, procurement and management talents, and make unremitting efforts for the company's goal of becoming a outstanding leader in the industry.
Company Philosophy
Following the value concept of "time is money, efficiency is life", we always have a large number of stock to shorten the delivery date, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with more convenient, fast and high-quality services.
Company Values
Work together and prosper with science and technology.ChinaADIAnalogComparator

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