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Product Description
Cartridge dust collector
1. The dust collector is designed in a compact manner. Under the condition of disposing the same air volume, the size and consumables of the dust collector are reduced significantly. As a result, it can save the space and only covers a space as much as 1/3 of bag dust collector.
2. The filtering area of pleated air filter cartridge is 300% larger than that of traditional filter bag. Moreover, it is simple and convenient to install it. The imported laminated filter material has good filter performance on the surface, which can achieve the dust removal efficiency of over 99.99%.
3. It is provided with the technologies of flow equalizing and directing for intake air, which can solve the phenomenon of nonuniform airflows in each chamber of general bag dust collectors.
4. The design of combining nozzle and Venturi ejector can achieve the optimal dust removal effect.
5. The pulse air flow with small block improves the dust collector effectiveness and elongates the service life of the filter cartridge.
6. The surface of the filter material is laminated, which solves the difficulty of collecting adhesive dusts.vacuum dust collector with competitive price

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