China Micro Data Center factory Description
The macro data center is a new generation of small data center solution, which integrates power distribution system, refrigeration system, cabling system, cabinet and management system. The system includes integrated cabinet and it cabinet. The integrated cabinet includes power distribution, UPS, battery, monitoring system and other modules. The IT cabinet is flexibly expanded on both sides of the integrated cabinet. The cooling system adopts rack type precision air conditioner, which can be flexibly deployed in any it cabinet, closer to the heat source, effectively solve the heat dissipation problem and reduce the overall PUE value.
The air conditioner is installed close to the heat source to accurately cool and reduce additional energy loss;
Factory pre-integration, field installation, simple cabinet consolidation, fast installation;
SMS alarm, remote web platform monitoring;
Lithium battery is adopted to increase backup time and it equipment installation space.
Enterprises, banks, governments, operators, education, medical treatment, etc
Strong building adaptability, lower requirements of the floor height and transformation of machine room
CabinetTempered glass front door, metal sealed rear door, 19 inch installation size, fully enclosed system, cold and hot channel isolation, strong and weak current separation, etc.
Power supply systemComply with iec60320 standard, other standards can be customized, such as smart meter, UPS maintenance bypass interlock, class C lightning arrester, etc.
UPS systemSingle in single out, online double conversion, equipped with lead-acid battery / lithium battery
Air conditioner systemDirect expansion air cooling, front air supply, rear air return, variable frequency compressor, EC centrifugal fan, cold and hot channel, condensate drainage and active drainage functions
Emergency fanIt is installed in the cold channel and hot channel of the cabinet, with front air supply and rear air exhaust. The start and stop are controlled by the moving ring monitoring system
Monitoring moduleSupport local management and remote web management; Audible and visual, SMS and email alarm; Detect smoke, temperature, access control, water leakage, lighting, etc.
Fire protection module (optional)Audible and visual alarm, linkage signal, smoke detector, temperature detector, etc.
Power supply system
Air conditionerChina Micro Data Center factory

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