Mud Pump Expendables suppliers Best-all Roughneck valve and seat is designed or the tough conditions in today's drilling condition, especially ideal for higher horsepower pumps and 7500 PSi pressure. The one-piece, forged valve body and one-piece, tapered leg guide design allows greater flow area, reduced abrasion and fluid velocity, Heat treated forged alloy steel valve body and valve seat for extended service life, results in fewer replacements. Thus reduced drilling cost per pumping hour.
The snap-on, polyurethane insert on the standard valve is field replaceable. For the most demanding high-pressure conditions, a non-replaceable bonded insert upgrade is available that better resists extrusion and minimizes any chance for lost-circulation material or other debris to breach the seal cavity. All standard inserts are available in polyurethane and are good for 220掳F drilling temperatures. We also offer a special, high-temperature compound for drilling-mud temperatures to 300掳F.
100% interchangeable with Mission, Forum, Southwest, Premium and other brands.
Size available as below.
API SIZEValveSeatInsertSpring
API 69700285970254797050908201650
API 6M9700285970255597050908201684
API 7970025097025049705228055213417
API 7M9700250970253997052288201684Mud Pump Expendables suppliers

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