Countertop Spice Rack Introduction
The structure of each kitchen is different, but what everyone has in common is often a wide variety of spices, so the Rotating Spice Rack that can be changed flexibly can provide great help. You can place it in an area that is most convenient for you so you have quick access to all the ingredients you need while cooking. In addition, our products are made of bamboo, so they are very strong, and they are naturally degradable, so they will not pollute the environment.
The Rotating Spice Rack adopts a 360-degree rotatable design, so there is no dead angle for the spices to be taken, and the rotation is silent and free of stuttering.
The traditional mortise and tenon joint technology can make the connection between the two components of the shelf more tightly.
The edges, corners, and surfaces of our products are carefully polished, so they feel delicate.
All kinds of bottles and cans are interspersed and scattered, and the combination of regularities and irregularities is very layered.
Product NameRotating Spice Rack
UseSpice jars organization
Package1pcs in box, 10pcs in carton
Delivery time7days for moq,30days for 500 more
Delivery PortShanghai/Ningbo
Sample time2days(1pc is free)
Location of originAnji, china.
Other nameSpinning spice rack
Rolling spice rack
Revolving spice rackCountertop Spice Rack

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