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Rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide are two important types of titanium dioxide. The reason is because rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide are commonly used in the market.
Anatase is the low temperature phase of titanium dioxide, which generally transforms into rutile at 500掳C to 600掳C. The essence of the crystalline transformation of titanium dioxide is the rearrangement of the octahedral unit cell structure. The rutile crystal structure has denser atomic arrangement, higher density, hardness, and dielectric constant, as well as greater light scattering.
Therefore, rutile titanium dioxide is a commonly used white coating and anti-ultraviolet material, which has a very strong shielding effect on ultraviolet rays, and has a wide range of applications in industrial coatings and cosmetics.
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Rutile Tio2
Volatilization at 105鈩?/p>鈮?0.8 %
Hiding powder鈮?100
Oil absorption鈮?23 g/100g
Sieve residue(45um)鈮?0.08 %
鈼?High whiteness
鈼?Good hiding powder
鈼?Good weather resistance
鈼?Good dispersion
Quality: 100% standard-met, lab-test and sample test are both welcome
Company: 29-year history, a well-known and reliable supplier
Samples: Free sample based on freight cost prepaid
Technical support: Instruction of product usage and solutions to production problem
1. Coating industry: The demand for rutile titanium dioxide is increasing in coating industry.
2. Plastic industry: At present, most of the plastics (PVC, ABS, PS, etc.) are colored with titanium dioxide, and the addition amount is about 2%. Especially used in plastic profiles.
3. Rubber industry: Titanium dioxide is mainly used in high-end rubber shoes and white tires in the rubber industry.
4. Ink industry: The thickness of the ink is very thin. To produce higher white hiding power and high transparency, white ink and light-colored ink generally use rutile titanium dioxide.
5. Paper industry: Rutile type is used in laminated paper, decorative and dictionary paper.
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Packed in plastic woven bag, 25kg/bag.
Safely store under instructions.
1. How do decide what product good for me?
We get information of your production method, other materials you use and other information to reach conclusion based on scientific analysis.
2. Are your prices competitive?
That depends, if compared with same quality product, we are; but with low quality, we鈥檙e not.
3. Can you provide product based on my target prices?
Negative, we believe quality determines price, not the opposite.Additives factory

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