Bathtub Forming Machine manufacturers Vacuum forming equipment is a type of forming machine., Vacuum forming equipment can form plastic into various shapes by Using heat and vacuum pressure. The process involves heating plastic sheet until soft and then draping it over a mould. Then the vacuum system suck the sheet into the mould. finally the sheet is removed from the mould.

NameVacuum forming equipment
Plastic typeABS锛宎crylic
Forming area2000*1600mm
Sheet thickness1.8-5mm
Core ComponentsMotor,gear, pump
Heating Power28kw
Controlmanual operation control
Heating zone16 zones(can be controlled separately to save the electric power)
Power Supply220v or 380v
Quality assurance1 year
UsageBathtub, shower tray, wall panel forming


The sheet is placed on the steel frame and fixed it.
Heat the sheet with temperature range 120-180鈩?it must be heated evenly throughout its thick.If the melted sheet slightly fall down, so air must be injected to lift it up.
The melted sheet stretches and is ready to go into the mold. Make sure that the thickness is even across the entire surface.
This process is vacuum forming, a suction force is applied to form the desired shape.
---Cooling and Remove
the formed sheet cool. Then take away from the mold and moved on to the next step. If the sheet not easy remove it from mould, it could blow air .
---Cutting and drill
Cutting the edge of formed sheet, and drill the hole.

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